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Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement Package

non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement package
For only $19.99 you can download a full set of Confidentiality Agreement Templates as a Microsoft Word file. Written by lawyers, these non-disclosure agreements are ready to be used now! Why settle for just one type of confidentiality agreement, when you can have the two you actually need?

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Confidentiality Agreements are a must have for every business.

Whether it's your own employees, contractors, outside vendors, potential business partners or investors, every business needs to protect itself with confidentiality agreements (same thing as a non-disclosure agreement). With a confidentiality agreement in place, you will:

  • protect your trade secrets, financial results and intellectual property from being revealed;

  • have formal documentation of an individual's agreement not to disclose private company information;

  • show others how seriously you take your business.

This download contains the two types of non-disclosure agreements, the mutual non-disclosure agreement and the customer-vendor non-disclosure agreement. The mutual NDA is used when two groups are both getting together to mutually disclose confidential information. The customer-vendor NDA is used when the company wishes to disclose confidential information, for example, to a potential employee or vendor.

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