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stock option agreements for sale.  Like employment agreements, stock option grants can vary considerably. Employees need to ask lots of questions! If you already know the questions and are just looking for some different examples of employee stock option agreements and / or company-wide stock option plans to compare and contrast -- these documents are for sale below.

However, if you are an employee and have lots of questions and needs lots of answers, then I suggest you visit the Stock Option Guide which offers a complete guide that contains not only the documents below, but also a commentary on stock options and items you need to know to successfully negotiate stock options as a part of your compensation package.

Company Stock Option Plan
This is the blanket "all-company" plan. Some data points in the employee stock option grant will be specific to the employee. The "all-company" plan is a blanket plan, approved by the board, which spells out issues as they pertain to stock options in the event of a merger, change of control, etc. Employees receive a copy of the plan, but generally cannot alter any of the terms in the "all-company" plan.
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Employee Incentive Stock Option Grant
Example of an actual employee stock option grant. This grant is for options with a 3 year vesting period, 6 month cliff and monthly vesting. If you download the individual stock option grant, you should probably download the company stock option plan as well.
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