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Frequently Asked Questions

We obtain information for the VCPro Database by sending a listing questionnaire primarily via email to venture capital and private equity firms. The database is compiled and edited by a veteran VC researcher (read more about the editor), and our proprietary methodology sets us apart from imitators who do not disclose their authorship.

We update the VCPro Database twice a year, in January and July. The latest update was in July 2023.

The VCPro Database 2023 costs $119.95, and it includes a free update. It is the most reliable, up-to-date, and affordable venture capital directory of its kind.

For Windows, download the database file from our website, double-click on the file, and follow the installation wizard. To launch the program, double-click the VCPro Database 2023 icon on the desktop or from the Programs menu.
For macOS, download the VCProTrial.dmg file, open the folder, and drag the VCPro Database 2023 Trial folder to Applications. To launch the program, double-click on the VCPro Database 2023 Trial inside the folder.

Yes, the VCPro Database is available in both Windows and macOS formats.

The fastest and most convenient way to purchase the VCPro Database is to order online through our Secure Order Page using your credit card. Click here to order VCPro Database online.

Yes, our e-commerce partner, MyCommerce, uses SSL encryption to protect your credit card information. Your credit card information is securely transmitted to our servers, and we immediately erase all traces of it once we receive confirmation from the credit card processing center. Our encryption systems are the same systems used by virtually every other secure web server in the world.

To see who has already purchased our database, click here. To read what our customers have to say about our database, click here.

We have been publishing the VCPro Database, the world's first downloadable venture capital directory, since 1998.

To be included in our database, your company must be a venture capital or private equity firm investing in unlisted companies. You can add your firm to our database for free by clicking here.

We offer a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the database within one week of purchase or if the database file cannot be installed. Please download the fully functional trial version of VCPro Database before making a purchase.

No, we have been an industry leader since 1998 and sell our proprietary venture capital database under the name VCPro Database only.

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